PLAN OF WORKS STAGE: Strategic Definitions | Preparation and Brief | Soft Landings | Lessons                                         Learnt & Closing the Loop

SERVICE: Sustainable Communities

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The human-factors team captured information from 65 sets of occupants before, soon after and at the end of 13-month occupation. Delivering:

- A grounding for key design decisions

- Quick Start Guide, as required by Scottish Building Standards Section 7 - Sustainability

- Users' expectations of cost, comfort and maintenance

- Measure of users' experiences compared to expectations

- Lessons learnt report, feeding into new generation of housing.



PLAN OF WORKS STAGE: Strategic Definitions | Project Conception | Preparation and Brief |                                             Concept Design

SERVICE: Asset Surveying

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The human-factors team captured information from 65 sets of occupants before, soon after and at the end of 13-month occupation. Delivering:

- High resolution images

- 2D floor plans + elevations

- 3D point cloud + photogrammetry model

- 3D visualisation for renders, graphics and animations

- Scan-to-BIM for architectural modelling

- 3D model for energy and sustainability modelling, using in Sustainable Design Theme (service)

- Energy audit.



PLAN OF WORKS STAGE: Early and Concept Design | Spatial Co-ordination | Technical & Detailed                                       Design | Manufacturing & Construction Handover

SERVICE: Sustainable Design

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Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment modelers simulating efficiency of buildings provided by the design team. Delivering:

- Values for energy, carbon and cost (embodied & operational)

- Life Cycle Assessment

- Decision making support tools for fabric efficiency and technology selection

- Scenario forecasting and optimal specification

- Evaluation of As Designed to align with sustainability targets.



PLAN OF WORKS STAGE: Manufacturing, Construction and Completion Handover | Lessons Learnt                                       & Closing the Loop | Use


SERVICE: Building Performance


The Building Performance and Post Occupancy Evaluation team measured the physical parameters and characteristics of 10 traditionally built dwellings (pre-1919, historic) , before and after thermal upgrades and retrofitting of renewable technology. Delivering:

- Pre and Post intervention comparison results on energy consumption, comfort and cost

- Airtightness testing, U-value, surface & interstitial condensation, energy consumption & generation and thermograph results

- As Built, In Service (ABIS) conditions of buildings compared to As-Designed values

- Lessons learnt findings that informed future retrofit strategies and techniques.